It's Minekura-sensei's birthday--

Or at least it was, as I'm pretty sure it's not the 23rd in Japan anymore, what ho.

Here's an excerpt of something I'm working on, thanks to indelicateink for the idea. (I was hoping to have it done, but lol, nope.)

"Goku could use a tutor," Sanzo said, one night, abruptly. "When you're able."

"That...might be nice," he said.

He'd enjoyed the children. Laughing and playing with them.

The blood flashed behind his eyes again, and Sanzo had to put a hand on his shoulder and shake him to bring him back.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked, when he came back, his fractured sight focusing again, his breath hollow and pained.

"Why am I doing what?" Sanzo asked.

"This," Hakkai said. "You argued with me. Before the Three Aspects. You agreed this."

Sanzo didn't answer for a long time. The ash on his cigarette was long; he hadn't been paying attention to it for a while. How long had Hakkai been--


"Don't ask stupid questions," Sanzo said, and hauled Hakkai to his feet. "Go sweep the courtyard."

Hakkai walked outside. The air was cool, and it wasn't raining.

He picked up the broom.


I got a lovely gem of a story from Better Call Saul, with a hint of Breaking Bad: The niche.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually manage to write any treats this year, but my recipient really loved her main gift, so Yuletide winning is still mine!

And thanks again to everyone who offered to beta...btw, if you need a Hot Fuzz beta, my flist the a place to be. :D (I did not write Hot Fuzz.)

Have you seen the new fall TV previews?

Apparently this is happening, so I wrote a drabble.

They watched the premiere in stunned silence.

"No," Sanzo and Goku said simultaneously, as the credits rolled.

"I wasn't that young--"

"I'm not that old now--"

"You're both being stupid," Gojyo said, lighting another cigarette. "It's not really about you anyway."

"Easy for you to say," Sanzo said, grabbing his lighter. "You're not on this fucking show."

"It's just the first episode," Hakkai said. "Technically, we wouldn't be in until--"

"Oh, no," Gojyo said. "Oh fuck, no."

Hakkai swallowed audibly.

Sanzo and Goku looked at each other. Then Sanzo picked up the remote and selected Season Pass.


Oh, man, do I love Remix.

I was remixed THREE TIMES this year!

The main remix: Adventures in Babysitting (The Thicker Than Water Remix), Weiss Kreuz, which retells some of the Ran-verse from Schuldig's perspective and somehow doesn't contradict my headcanon, which is amazing considering how much hidden headcanon is in Ran-verse. (I would have been fine with a story that did, I'm just kind of amazed still that it didn't.)

And then two very different stories for Madness:

Cleanse Thyself (The Wash that Man Remix), a funny Gundam Wing fic about Heero washing Duo's hair.

Seeds of Spring (the Second Bite at the Pomegranate Remix), about the Persephone myth, and a major expansion on the small fic I originally wrote.

They are all great for completely different reasons! I FUCKING LOVE REMIX.

Poetry folks!

[personal profile] ranalore and [personal profile] momebie and of course anyone else:

Persea Books is taking submissions for the Editor's Choice awards. Editor's Choice Award is open to any American with at least one previous collection of poems. The winner receives publication and $1,000 + $1,000 stipend toward expenses associated book promotion (e.g. travel to/from readings). Apparently Persea is great, and I can't remember if either of you qualify but I figured you could spread the word where appropriate.

Lookin' for a prompt in all the wrong places...

At some point, somewhere (and it wasn't one of [personal profile] indelicateink's prompt fests 'cause I made her look) requested Sanzo/Goku AU where I think Sanzo was an architect. He was some kind of high-end genius, anyway, and Goku did 'manual labor.' 'Manual labor' is, for real, the only phrase I remember for sure because that's the title I saved the story under. Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to give credit where credit is due, but...I got nothin'.