If they say why, why

Tell them that it's human nature

Good grief, it's a running gag
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addicted to wii, aldis hodge, all the fictional women you hate, anime, anthony crowley's angel obsession, bad anime priests, christian kane, collarbones, cranes for peace, d. gray-man, death note, descendants of darkness, fma, frisky dingo, fruits basket, fuck warriors for innocence, fuck you she's awesome, good with cheese, heroes broke my heart, knight hunters, land sharks, leverage, liking multiple female characters, makin' icons, masi oka so cute, not a morning person, onion av club, saiyuki, second-guessing advice columns, sleep's for the weak, sushi, trigun, venture brothers, weiss kreuz, yami no matseui, youkai world reclamation
I'm a fangirl, a thinker and a writer. And I am over 18.

Apparently I need a friending policy because people were afraid to friend me SO. The door is always open for new friends! I have a busy RL, so I am not always able to friend people back, but anyone is welcome to friend me.

racebending sucks
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